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Our Process

Implementation First

Our Process

Focus on implementation to exceed our goals and learn fast.

We strive towards fast learning and fast implementation. What works in everyday healthcare and what interferes with a normal work process. Or goals are to improve patient safety and quality through continuous learning and adapting to new innovations.

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Contact us, Challenge us, Inspire us 


You know a new technology. A new technique. An innovation that sparks your enthousiasm. But you want it to better the world. To improve health. Your spark will ignite a fire of inspiration within Dahlia. Ai.


We will wireframe your thoughts and ideas in our conceptual framework of Data Mining, Data analysis Machine Learning, Smart Watches, Smart Patches for a truely innovative healthcare 


Your project will be designed to implement. It will facilitate diagnosis. Treatment planning and monitoring. Optimize outcome. Improve public health. Improve working conditions for healthcare personel. Decrease cost.



Collaborate with others in our ever expanding team of healthcare engineers, doctors, nurses. Learn by doing.




You will make an impact today!


We are always looking for students for bachelor projects, master theses. We can make your PhD more interesting or help you explore your thoughts and ingnite your dreams.